During its forty years of experience the shipyard has evolved greatly, has been reorganized on an industrial basis, and has incorporated the latest technical developments.

Nevertheless, it has managed to preserve its soul, that of the craftsmen who take pride in their work. Nowadays Solaris operates over an area of 26,000 sqm, 6,000 of them sheltered facilities, hosting every step in every process.


Interior finishes bear witness to great artisan mastery, where the quality of the assemblies comes closer to that of lute makers than industrial standards.

Built to last, the structure of Solaris yachts is in one-piece. with the structural bulkheads laminated to the hull to ensure strength and stiffness: the best solution to get the best from our hulls.

The interior design team think with the mindset of a sailor before thinking like an engineer. Each choice is prompted by functionality and long service life at sea considerations.