Here in a few short paragraphs, we trace 35-year-long history of the CNB shipyard and take a look at its future.

Alongside the different models designed and built over time, we want to underscore that the years gone by are filled with the stories of men and women who put their passion and their skills at the disposal of the owners to build each and every CNB. All of us working to build the new models to the best of our abilities draw inspiration from our history.

Our history
To be continued


Established by two passionate sailors, CNB’s adventure begins in Bordeaux, along the banks of the Garonne.


MARI-CHA II: first custom project by Philippe Briand to be constructed entirely by CNB.


The CNB shipyard becomes part of BENETEAU.



CHRISCO: the last custom yacht built by CNB after 46 projects.


Launch of the Bordeaux 60, CNB’s first semi-custom model. Of this model, 46 units would be produced.


Launch of the CNB 76, a best-seller in its class, with 32 units sold, it embodies all the know-how of CNB.


The CNB 66, the family cruiser par excellence, is unveiled, 23 units navigate all the oceans of the world.


CNB is acquired by Solaris. A new beginning…


Projects CNB 78 and CNB 88 get underway.


Launch of the first CNB 78.