The perfect balance!

Modern and classical at the same time, performing and seaworthy, a cnb is timeless.

Built by sailors for sailors, CNB yachts have been the embodiment of blue water yachts for over 35 years.

A CNB is first and foremost a “one-of-a-kind design” you will recognize at first glance. A design that accommodates an interior space facing outwards, where boundaries seem to vanish.

A CNB is the pleasure of steering a finely- balanced, powerful boat, poised for travel beyond the limits of the horizon.

A CNB means experiencing every moment intensely, where everything has been conceived for your pleasure.

Our range

We’re ready set sail!

The new Made-by-Solaris models are here. While retaining the same DNA of their illustrious predecessors, we pushed the concept even further by integrating more light, richer installations and enhanced performance for even more enjoyment.


CNB now belongs to the Solaris Group, but its values have remained the same.
Solaris is the ideal fusion of craftsmanship and innovation. Forty years’ experience has forged a widely recognised know-how based on well-tested solutions and attention to detail.

When CNB joined Solaris, two families combined forces around the same passion, sharing the same values.

Sailing in a luxury yacht where every moment is full of pleasure.
To own a CNB yacht does not make you into a club member, but rather the member of a family where everyone is free to reveal a little of themselves because the bonds of trust are strong, like those that bind sailors.

CNB Family